Wednesday, 6 April 2011


 ATTENTION- The attention step represents your largest audience of those who see your advertisement. It represents the largest portion of your readers. Gaining your readers’ ATTENTION is accomplished with a good headline and, in most cases, a good visual. For example, in the condominium opening advertisement it is critical that you focus the launch of your branding campaign towards grabbing viewer's attention and gaining brand awareness.

INTEREST - Once you have people's attention, you have to grab their interest. Interest is about extolling your product/service virtues in a way that is relevant to the consumer. People who are interest in your product is smaller than the number of people who become aware of your product. From this condominium grand opening advertisement be a good example

CREDIBILITY - If you have a consumers attention, and their interest, you need to SHOW that you're credible. Again, it depends on which stage of the sales cycle you find yourself in. If you are still growing, credibility through client testimonials, guarantees, or promoting awards is a great way to let people know they can trust the information in condominium opening advertisement.

DESIRE – In this steps are about getting the customer to your place of business. Desire is where an advertising strategy will focus on "means-end theory" which focuses on life benefits to using your product or service.

ACTION - This is where all business owners want to start, but this action is the culmination of a lot of hard work and focused advertising strategy. In this step tells that the people call and order, stop by the store, visit the web site or write for more information. They also confident and buy the product or use the service.

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