Sunday, 24 April 2011

Something About My Electronic Advertising Class

Pusparani Manickam- What I Have Learn In Advertisement Class

       I am Communication student. Electronic advertisement is one of my minoring papers. This paper helps me to learn more about the advertisement. In advertising class, we learn about advertising is the most important tool in the marketing of products and services. This advertising class focuses on traditional marketing concepts that teach us about public relations, branding, market share, and target marketing and consumer behaviors. Advertising also known as direct communication or link between the consumer and the manufacturer.
       I also learn how to communicate with potential clients and customers and explore techniques for reaching a target audience. In this advertising class, I learn how to develop advertising strategies by analyzing advertising styles used in different mediums, such as TV, radio and print. This class also explains about how different forms of media can be used most effectively for different products or in different situations. Moreover, I study about methods for creating advertising plans for the media and test their effectiveness. Advertising help to provide information about the product especially newly launched product to the customer.
     From this class I also learn about the three steps of target marketing such as market segmentation, target marketing, and market positioning. Through this class I get know how companies identify attractive market segments and choose target marketing strategy. I realize that how companies position their products for maximum competitive advantage in the marketplace. The knowledge that I gain from this advertising class hopefully will helps me in my career part.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


 ATTENTION- The attention step represents your largest audience of those who see your advertisement. It represents the largest portion of your readers. Gaining your readers’ ATTENTION is accomplished with a good headline and, in most cases, a good visual. For example, in the condominium opening advertisement it is critical that you focus the launch of your branding campaign towards grabbing viewer's attention and gaining brand awareness.

INTEREST - Once you have people's attention, you have to grab their interest. Interest is about extolling your product/service virtues in a way that is relevant to the consumer. People who are interest in your product is smaller than the number of people who become aware of your product. From this condominium grand opening advertisement be a good example

CREDIBILITY - If you have a consumers attention, and their interest, you need to SHOW that you're credible. Again, it depends on which stage of the sales cycle you find yourself in. If you are still growing, credibility through client testimonials, guarantees, or promoting awards is a great way to let people know they can trust the information in condominium opening advertisement.

DESIRE – In this steps are about getting the customer to your place of business. Desire is where an advertising strategy will focus on "means-end theory" which focuses on life benefits to using your product or service.

ACTION - This is where all business owners want to start, but this action is the culmination of a lot of hard work and focused advertising strategy. In this step tells that the people call and order, stop by the store, visit the web site or write for more information. They also confident and buy the product or use the service.

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Wearing high heels has become a fashion in this advanced world. It is equally popular in teen girls as well among women. Women who wear high heels find themselves more confident as it gives them stylish look and tall appearance.

Women who are naturally tall are very lucky. Research shows that women are less tall than men. High heels are the best option for them to look tall; it accolades the beauty of their body. High heels are not for only looking tall, it has some other great advantages. In the next section we will discuss the advantages of wearing high heels.


High heeled shoes were equally popular in past however, in this modern world now one can find various matching patterns and designs in high heels. It is impossible not to find the design matching your outfit. Women who perform Salsa dance also can find stiletto heels matching their Salsa dress. Let's have a quick look on the advantages of wearing the high heels.

A tall woman always looks more attractive. Women with height greater than 5 feet 6 inches come under the category of taller women. For those who are not blessed with good height has the option of wearing high heels to look smart and attractive.

This is a world of glamor and style.I am now have opportunity to attend lot of family functions and social gatherings. Every woman likes to look different from other. High heel shoes now come in great variety and style and greatly improve your overall physical appearance. Wearing different and unique stylish shoes means you will get plenty of attention. It is always great to wear that shoe which matches your outfit the best.

High heels give women the opportunity to maintain good body posture. The women who wear high heels in routine easily maintain attractive body posture. It builds great confidence in them when they are carrying themselves. However, the women who rarely wear high heels find difficult to carry themselves. We are always not confident wearing a new thing if it will look good on us or not. Similar thing happens when a woman wears high heels for the first time. She usually falls in embarrassment with the thinking if high heels would look great on her. The best idea is to practice walking wearing high heels at home. This will save you from any discomfort when you go out in a party or gathering. 


When i am in university orientation week i like to wear high heels shoes.My senior always orientated me and to run around the cafe with high heels. As a junior i didn't ignore their order.From that day until now "high heels" is my nick name my campus.  


Monday, 14 March 2011

Pusparani Manickam- Product That I Use Every Day In My Life (LIPSTICK)

Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick

    One of the products that I use every day and attracts me is the lipstick.  A lipstick is considered as the most essential cosmetic, something that I and most women just can’t do without. I use it on a daily basis. I want to emphasize the appearance of my lips by applying lipsticks. Lipsticks actually bring out the shape of lips and it does make me attractive most times.
I use ‘Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick’. Brilliant Berry and Really Rosy are my favorite lipsticks. The type of lipstick application that I use prevents my lips from freshening and developing of cracks. Moreover, the use of lipsticks I can be made more efficient by using lip gloss also in a very systematic and careful manner. In any case, I've been using these lipstick for every day and found it’s really good. They're flattering and easy to pair with everyday makeup, which is a huge plus for me.

I love about this product because:
  • The texture is very creamy, which means that it glides on easily. It's very moisturizing.
  • The colors are high-impact in the sense that they do stand out when they're worn. They tend to draw in light to my face.
  • Wears comfortably. It doesn't feel heavy on the lips.
  • The lipstick bullets come in a molded crystal shape that I find quite elegant. Don't worry; the sharp angles actually make application more precise, at least in my case.  

      Two things that I don't like with this product such as:

  • The tubes are fat and rounded, so you may be surprised that the product inside is not as wide.
  • The glitters are quite obvious. You can't feel them, but you'll see them, especially when the lipstick is already wearing off. They leave quite a trail if not wiped off properly.
     This lipstick has been bought by my boyfriend, including other Avon products. He will choose for me the color of lipstick according to my skin color. Even though I finished using the lipstick, I do not throw it away.